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One of our clients had moved from San Francisco to the East Bay.  When they were in San Francisco, they had an in-house accountant that they were paying a base salary plus benefits. 


When you add up the cost of the salary, benefits and payroll taxes, the cost of this accountant was between $70 and $75K per year.  We were able to take over this function on an outsourced basis for a flat fee of $3,000 per month, thus saving the company approximately 50% of its accounting costs.


In addition, they had an outside CPA that charged them between $5 and $6 thousand to prepare the tax return. We were able to do this for under $3,000 as we already knew the accounting since we do it. 


Whether your accounting needs are weekly, or monthly, we can custom design an accounting and tax program to suit your business’s needs.


We make sure that all aspects of your tax and accounting system is taken care of.  In addition, we have regular contact with you on a weekly basis, so we are there to catch any possible tax issues as they arise, when something can still be done about it.

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